Setting Up Your Printer On A Network

Following the same trend of the other DX11 games, Arkham Knight is performing slightly worse than the previous driver. In the DX11 Wildlands game we find a different picture. The average framerate is about the same on both drivers, but the Lower Frame Times are a bit worse now, which means slightly worse stability with […]

How To Update A Microsoft Windows Computer

If Defender is disabled then that’s probably due to another AV being installed. The usual way to enable Defender would be to uninstall the 3rd-party AV. Likewise, if you want to disable Defender to allow another AV to install, the AV’s own Setup should do that for you. Either way, I can’t see why you’d […]

Troubleshoot Pdf Printing In Acrobat And Reader

Nothing is too much trouble and help is at the end of the telephone for any support needed. Very happy with the actual printer too great quality. Type a printer name in the “Printer name” box (you can call it anything you like – it may be helpful if you’re creating multiple drivers with settings […]

Send Sms Text Messages From Skype App On Windows 10 Pc

This is why it is better to download from the Windows Store unless it is giving you troubles. Before moving on, there are two ways to install Skype. If you have installed it from the Windows Store, then you can check the updates section to see if there is one available. Different apps and software […]

Updating Your Bios

I choose to update my own drivers as you have seen, Microsoft gets it wrong. In the command prompt you should also type this command “net start WuAuServ”, this will restart Windows update service. Come across Windows 10 update and install problems like update stuck, fail to install, blue or black screen of death or […]

Troubleshooting Usb Driver Installation For Windows

After the restoration is complete, your system will be restored to its initial condition at the time of the last backup. In the Windows search bar, type “system restore”. To run this command, open the command prompt with the administrator privileges, as above. If there are indeed any corruption problems, they will be resolved after […]

Why Your Registry Doesn’t Need Cleaning

I have searched my Registry and have located at least one of the files, but it will not let me delete it. It’s really simple, and in just a few seconds, your Windows registry will have been successfully cleaned. When the process is complete, a results panel will appear with a list of all problems […]

“rusty” The Power Hammer Plans

This is a pretty big step to take because it will restore the router to the way it was when you first pulled it out of the box, wiping the slate clean. Chances are the ISP’s tech support department will give you a clear answer as to whether or not their service is down. If […]

Windows Registry Analysis 101

variable will contain a list of files that the Storage Service has WRITE_DAC access to. The DiagHub service was introduced in Windows 10, although there’s a service that performs a similar task called IE ETW Collector in Windows 7 and 8.1. When we switched not long after PDC to a binary format for the file […]

Downloadcrew Software Store

Kevin Is the best and the fastest data recovery engineer I know. No reason to ever go to a apple store or even other computer repair places. Don’t try to scan, repair or fix any errors unless you have backups of the data. A failed repair process can damage the files beyond recovery. If the […]